Visitor Management Software


Save time by enabling guests to do self check-in & check-out

Improve office security

Automatic notification of hosts

Print of visitor badges

1. Check-In

Manage your visitors in a professional way 

A professional and uniform welcome across all locations

An intuitive layout ensures fast check-in by visitors

The simple way to check-in

2. Visitor information received and badge printed

The receptionist can easily see the guest traffic.  All of the information your business requests from visitors is stored upon sign-in and real-time history can be extracted.

3. Notification

Automatic notification of hosts at visitor arrival

Text message, E-mail & Skype for Business is available

Options are available on PCs and mobile units

Easy communication


Support multiple languages

Selected by visitors

Global focus


Sign and accept documents

Signing agreements like NDA, safety agreement, privacy agreement or any other document ensures visitors is aware and complies with internal requirements.

It is possible for visitors to sign agreements before arrival. This is done by pre-registering visitors and inviting them to read and sign NDA, safety agreement, privacy agreement or any other document before the day of their meeting.

Emergency list

Emergency & Reporting list accessible from any device

Should an emergency evacuation be required.
The emergency list is available on any mobile device

Visitors can be checked-out directly from an emergency list
Accessible from any device

Security obligations in order to have full traceability

Always online


Fast check in through pre-registration

Pre-registration of visitors or larger groups ensures a fast check-in

System recognizes pre-registrations at check-in

Print of name badges

The fast way to check-in

Frequent visitors

System recognizes frequent visitors

Convenient for visitors

This also speeds up the check-in process

Internal visitors

Internal visitors are recognized for a fast check-in

Internal visitors are globally recognized across any location/geography

Making check-in seamless

Office Deliveries

Cut time and energy out of managing deliveries.

Touchless Check-in

No kiosk required – Check-in via your mobile phone.

Access System

Integrate your visitor management with your access system.

Card Reader

Multi-Tenant Solution

We offer a solution for co-working spaces.


Integration with G Suite (Google Apps), Microsoft Exchange or Office 365.

Global Soluton

Building up an enterprise company structure, enables central administration and global reporting capabilities.


Security is a top priority and in order to maintain robust processes we are ISO 27001 certified.


Visitors enter their information on an iPad when they arrive in the lobby.


Inform host at visitor arrival via e-mail or Microsoft Lync.


Print of visitor cards with company logo for identifying visitors during their visit.


Assign ID-cards to visitors and easy keep track of who is using which card.


Insert your company logo on front screen.


Make reports with statistics and get an overview of historical visits.


Pre-register and print visitor cards before arrival of larger groups.

Internal visitor

Internal visitors coming from other company locations are recognises automatically.

Emergency List

Access a list of visitors in the building via mobile device, tablet or a computer with access to Internet.

Cloud Based

No infrastructure needed, high performance and availability all over the world.


Communication is encrypted (HTTPS) and passwords are encrypted via Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA).

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